Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mike and Frank Get Ready to Fight #BB14

They are running and doing pushups like they are possessed.  It's time for Mike to get to work tonight.  He needs to get Shane to nominate the right person so he can stay this week.

It's about self-preservation, Mike. Maybe he should offer Shane the $10K he won last Thursday.

Inside Danielle is making some mac and cheese with chicken.  Ashley is helping her devise a recipe plan.  It's like the blind leading the blind, as she asks Ashley for ideas.  Oh here comes Joe. She asks Joe if she can make barbecued chicken in the oven and he says yes, just baste it.

Danielle:  Do we have, like, a baster thing?

To his credit, I think he ignored the question.

In the next couple of pictures below, that is Danielle trying to wake up Britney and ask her if she would like some mac and cheese.  You can't even see Britney.  She is the lump under the blanket there.


  1. No I will not accept anything else. Mike is walking out that door Thursday, they are so stupid if they dont....what was the point in even nominating them

  2. And Shane should not open any kind of boxes because production surely wants BOTH Frank and Boogie to stay in the game. I think they'll get rid of Mike though.


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