Monday, August 6, 2012

Lots of Swagger as We Start the Day #BB14

We see Frank and Mike on the patio.  Frank tells BB to get everybody up so they can "get this ceremony going!"

Mike asks Production several times to "start the music please" but they seem to ignore him.

They laugh about Frank having to wear the Spiritard on the Thursday show "when all this shit goes down".  Frank is going to shake his pom poms to show his spirit.

Frank gives a shout out to his buddies living in his house, and says they better not "be breaking shit".  He tells Mike that his own friend is a great cook and is  into "like, Bobby Flay shit".   He just worked somewhere that was voted "Naple's Best Sandwich", but then "that place closed down". Mike says they are always looking for good chefs and he needs someone for his Baltimore place.

Up in the HOH Wil is talking to Danielle and knows that she might take him off the block today.  Danielle says today she is "going to do something big" and "the shit is going to hit the fan".

Wil guesses it starts with the letter J, and Danielle nods.

Wil:  Do you want her to go?

Danielle:  She wouldn't be going up if I didn't want her to go.

Will assures Danielle that the votes will be there if she puts up Janelle.  Now we get FISH so maybe this is the wake up call.

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