Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lady Gaga Wake Up Call #BB14

The song was You and I and Britney was talking about it yesterday.  She and Jenn are the only ones who recognized it.  Joe thought it was a country song and Frank thought it was Shania Twain.

Britney says that it was one of her big hits!  (I've never even heard of it...)  But of course Britney has to complain about it.  She says she hates how the song changes according to what state it is played in.  They change the state from Oklahoma to Arkansas, etc.

Jenn and Britney both want to hear the original lyrics (Nebraska).  Jenn knows her boyfriend, apparently, and says Gaga's fame and popularity aren't necessarily what broke them up.

Ashley is feeling better today and has put on a face mask and took a shower.  Britney holds up Janelle's Mary Kay cosmetics and gives out Janelle's website at least twice.  She mentioned a particular product and said it cost $35.  I think it was a Nighttime Recovery Complex or something like that.

Britney's roots are very dark.  She needs to color them soon.  Joe is making a big pot of slop for them in the kitchen.  Britney had a bad night's sleep and plans to move to the floor tonight.  BB calls her to the DR.  Maybe she's in trouble for all of the singing she's been doing this morning.

Britney went into the Boom Boom Room where Danielle was laying down and said she had a 911 Emergency to tell her about.  But I don't know what it was about.

Jenn says that Janelle left all of her hair products in the house for them, too.  Dye and applicators---Jenn plans to use it. 

Shane tasted the slop and said it needed more milk but tasted delicious.  I think Joe is going to use the slop to make "banana bread", but I guess he means without the bananas.

Jenn calls out Janelle's website again and Ashley says "check it out!"  (

They will pick players for the POV soon but know the competition won't be held anytime soon, since they didn't lock down the backyard and start building until 8:00 am or so.

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