Monday, August 6, 2012

Kisses and Alliances. And Lies to Janelle. #BB14

So I wake up and find out the plan to backdoor Janelle is back on.  I turned on the live feeds and see and hear some crazy things.

First, in the HOH I saw Danielle and Shane laying in bed and teasing each other.  It is nearly 5:00 am BBT.  Danielle tells him she wants a "kiss to remember" and they have already kissed twice.  He was saying that he didn't want emotions to get in the way of the game.  But Danielle gets her way and gets a kiss and a few hugs.

It was a "smoochy kiss" that we could hear.  "Smack".

OK.  So Shane went to bed.  I then see Ashley, Wil and Jenn on the patio.  They have finally gotten off their ass and formed an alliance.  They are calling it Team Tits, and they will have special dance movements to indicate they need to talk to each other.

Wil says he has something to tell them, that he has more in common with Jenn that they know of.  He tells them he was a "teenybopper singer" and was signed to a contract at age 13 and until 16 toured the world, lived in Berlin, and opened for big singers that he said he wasn't allowed to name.  (Aaron Carter was one of them)  He tells them he had three albums and now he still does music and he describes his YouTube channel and says it really took off.

Then Jenn wants to tell her secret too, and she tells them she was in Kittie.  I can tell they didn't know what that was, but she says their first album was platinum and sold 1.5 million copies, and their second album almost went gold.  She says she is known for her bass playing and that she attends signings of basses all over the world and people line up to see her.

Ashley is stunned.  Jenn starts to tell them how she was discovered by BB, and we got FISH.  I think she was telling them that she was corresponding with Sharon Osborne on Facebook and that is how casting saw her.  (I've heard her say that before, but without a name. )  When we come back from FISH she was saying that she knows Sharon, and Kelly too, and that Wil will get to meet them.

Now the three of them have figured out that Janelle is getting backdoored and they laugh about it.  They want to target Dan out before Jury.  They also mock Britney going on and on and on about her damn wedding.  Now Wil mocks her letter from her husband, that went on and on about the garden and the fence and the house.

 Ashley wants to spray tan Jenn's band members.  Jenn left all of her custom jewelry at home to keep a low profile.  She was stoked that there were no metal fans in the house who recognized her.

They laugh that Joe always says Ashley has a big secret, but it seems like everybody else does but her.

Jenn knows the "girls are watching" and that people will be "checking out the albums".  They had major problems with their record label and as quick as your career goes up, it can come down.  They released an album called "Until the End" that signified everything they were going through.  She has been on tour since she was 14 and she sees how the biggest artists in the world have had ups and downs and how things change quickly.

Her friend is in a "big radio rock band---a platinum selling band" right now but after his metal band split up she had to give him money to put gas in his car.  So she learned lessons from that.

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