Monday, August 6, 2012

Kalia Badmouthed Janelle #BB14

and Janelle heard about it.

She mentions the conversation where Kalia said Janelle wasn't that pretty.  I distinctly remember that, and did a live feed update about it.  I just tried to find it so I could include a link, but had no luck.

(Reader Denise found it--thanks Denise!  Here is it.)

The girls were talking about who they thought the prettiest house guests on BB were, and when Janelle's name came up Kalia said that she saw her get out of the shower and wasn't impressed.  Janelle said just now that Kalia commented on Janelle being chubby, but I don't remember that.

Surely Kalia wouldn't have had the balls to say that, right?

Frank got a new Spiritard.  It is a 2X and is heavy cotton.  Frank says he can hardly breathe in it.  He showed Mike Boogie and said that the unitard is for girls--they didn't expect somebody so big would be wearing it.

Mike and Frank had a quick conversation, and Frank reported that Joe said he might have to change his vote if there are only going to be two votes to keep Janelle.

Mike:  She might be goin' out of here on an unanimous vote!  (aww)

Frank:  I wish it was Thursday now!

Mike says that when it's time for Frank's speech on Thursday, to not even use that 60 seconds to ask for votes.  Do something really funny and the crowd will love him.

(Don't get too cocky over's only Monday.)

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  1. I love Google! Is this it?

    Go Janie!


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