Friday, August 10, 2012

Julie Agrees With Janelle: Mike's a Loser #BB14

This interview was conducted by Lynette Rice for Entertainment Weekly.  Julie is glad we could read Janelle's lips about Mike Boogie being a douchebag.  She also thinks most of America probably agrees that Mike is a loser.

To add insult to injury, Julie didn't know who in "the hell" Erin Brodie is, Will's baby mama.  (I think Erin is expecting again, actually.)

So, I don't think Julie Chen is going to order her Chilltown T-shirt anytime soon.

At least Mike Boogie is playing the game.  I look forward to him and Frank being in another tough spot next week so we can watch him work his way out of it.  You can visit the Entertainment Weekly website here.

'Big Brother' host Julie Chen on Janelle's eviction: 'She was embarrassed'


Janelle Pierzina, we agree with you — Mike Boogie can be a loser! But he’s still a brilliant player — which is more than we can stay about the stay-at-home mom/ex-coach who became the first veteran to get the boot on Big Brother 14. We asked host Julie Chen about Janelle’s surprise ouster and whether Ian has a chance in hell of scoring more than a slop date with Ashley in this week’s Q&A.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Julie, you were on fire last night! First, with the Ron Burgundy joke, and then hilariously correcting Dan on the Mrs. Chen reference!
JULIE CHEN I woke up at 3:40 a.m. that day because of the baby, and I had a lot on my mind. So by last night, I was punch drunk!

What was going on with Janelle on your couch? Was she bitter or just nervous?
I think she was a little bit embarrassed. She was slightly humiliated that she didn’t make it to the jury. She didn’t make it far at all this time, and I think she felt embarrassed that she got played. Up until last night, she helped to invent the game! But the gamer got played.

Janelle called Boogie a douchebag, right? And yet CBS bleeped it out!
I’m glad her lips are so pronounced that you could easily read them! We did what we had to, which was to bleep it, and you fill in the blanks! Most people probably agree with Janelle – he is a loser. I love Janelle for being brutally honest. That’s what made viewers fall in love with her from the first season. She owned who she is. She called out the nerd herd to their faces. She doesn’t make any excuses for who she is, and everyone loves her honesty.

But you have to admit, it was a brilliant move by Boogie.
On, no doubt about it. I feel like previous Boogie haters are seeing another side to him which is more mature, more manipulative, just as cocky if not more so. He’s probably gained fans because of his loyalty to Frank. It’s almost as if Boogie has become the new Will. He is now the puppet master. He has that entire house on strings. He’s not even discreet about it! During the HOH competition, he would tell whoever just ran, which two to pick. And they listened to him! I also feel as if Frank is the new Boogie. Boogie, all those years, was Will’s sidekick. Now he’s the mastermind.

Boogie dedicated his vote to oust Janelle to Will and Erin. Who’s Erin? 
I said the same thing to the producer. Who in the hell is Erin? The producer figured out that it’s Will’s wife! Boogie’s bromance with Will is still going strong.

Do you believe Boogie will go the distance?
Um…I do because the only thing that can get in his way is a strong smart player, and right now the only strong, smart players I see are Britney and Dan. If Boogie has to choose between who he takes to the final two, he’s got to know he cannot win against Frank, because I doubt the jury will want to give him a half million. He is already rich and already very comfortable — unless the jury is still drinking the Koolaid and are so enamoured by his semi-celebrity status. He also has to throw Frank under the bus, and  I don’t know if Boogie has that in him. If it’s Dan and Boogie at the end, then he might have a chance. You know what? I’m going to change my answer. Boogie might have better chance against Frank because the others may not respect Frank’s game play. It would be disastrous and yet so brilliant if Boogie won. I love the game and the art of the game and he really has it down. He is so clever. The only thing that gets in the way is his ego.

Last question: Do you think there something going on between Ashley and Ian, aka the real-life Leonard and Penny?
I think it’s too early to tell. She’s goofy enough to actually say, I’ve dated all these bad boys and have been treated poorly. I love being treated like the queen. But there is something very strange about Ian. He’s kind of in his own category. He’s a super genius, but slightly socially awkward. But sometimes, that awkwardness makes him more adorable, and sometimes makes him odd.


  1. Too bad Janelle was such a sore loser. Julie just complement her on coming out with class. Yet Janelle ended it with profanity and disgrace.

    Janelle is the furthest thing from honesty, she lied, connive, manipulated through out the who time she was there, it became so obvious that her own inner group less Joe got fed up with it. Janelle was NOT feared, people just got sick of her.

    Janelle couldn't even tell the truth in her interview with Julie. To call Boogie a 'Loser' is funny since he single-mindly threw her out on her big butt and he is still in the house to win 1/2 million. So who is the 'Loser' Janelle?

    1. Wow how clueless are you? yeah mike boogie sure has class.what about his 5 year old goodbye message? is that your definition of class? taking a shot at someone when they can't respond? janelles a manipulator? WHAT SHOW R U WATCHING? boogie uses 2 emotionally retarded butt hurt girls to lead the bash Janelle wagon? yeah its really hard to manipulate someone like dumpy danielle who has 3 personalities. get ur facts straight. single mindly gets janelle out? again ur watching another show. people may have gotten sick of her but once they get crapped on by frank they will all realize they made a huge mistake and shouldn't have acted on pure jealousy and emotion. before u call someone like janelle a loser u shud do some homework and watch season 6 &7. unlike boogie janelle actually wins comps and watched other peoples back. do urself a favor and get the feeds and realize more goes on in the house than what cbs shows u in 48 minutes on tv. u wanna call janelle a sore loser? USE UR SINGLE MIND AND YOUTUBE WILLS EVICTION ON SEASON 7. THERE U WILL SEE MIKE 'DADDY ISSUES' BOOGIE BALLING LIKE A BABY AFTER HIS DADDY WILL GOT BOOTED. I MEAN BALLING. THEN U WILL SEE BOOGIE ACTING LIKE A TRUE SORE LOSER BASHING ERIKA FOR PLAYING HIM AND WILL. how did u expect janelle to respond after big tuff boogie acting like a 5 yr old leaving a good bye message like that? typical boogie talking trash and running behind the crowd when someone can't respond. mr empty threats. u should youtube how tuff ur hero acted right when. howie walked towards the door. BOOGIE WAS SCARED OUTTA HIS MIND. THEN OF COURSE ACTED MASS TUFF AFTER HE LEFT. before u talk ish like saying big butt...get ur facts straight. although I wouldn't be surprised to find out ur actually a danielle fan. intimidated and scared of someone so just talk ish and make up stories to trash someone. its okay don't cry. janelle will always be the most popular and well liked bb player ever.

    2. There is no need to attack people because they have a different opinion than you do---Ray Say's views may not be with the majority but he deserves some respect.

      Let's keep it classy out there.

    3. Gee Anonymous, I only read a few words to know that this was going to be an immature rant of a person who takes reality t.v. to seriously. I did not bother to waste my time pass the first sentence.

      A word of advice. "GET A LIFE".

    4. shocker...get a life. if u make stupid comments u should he ready for a response. the anonymous person actually makes good points to ur off base allegations. based on ur response its clear you would see no fault in boogies message to janelle. cowardice.

  2. Boogie is a sore winner. Janelle voted for him on All Stars. Getting Janelle out was personal. He dedicated his vote to Dr.Will and Erin Brodie. Nothing worse than a sore winner.