Monday, August 13, 2012

Joe's Cooking Demonstration #BB14

Joe demonstrated how to make salsa in the kitchen and pretended like it was a cooking show.  I came in near the end of things, but he basically put all of the salsa ingredients into a blender and pureed them.


Here is Joe at the blender.

Now he shows us the fish.  There is only smoked paprika on it, as well as a little olive oil so that it will crisp up.  He recommended that you cook with what you have on hand if you can, rather than buying special ingredients that might go to waste in our pantry.

He gave the salsa a stir, and then tasted it for seasoning.   Something controversial happened at this point---you can't see, but Joe was folding avocado into the salsa at the end and saying that you had to treat it gently at this point.  He discussed this because Shane commented on it.  Production apparently told them a few minutes later that the Have Nots couldn't have avocado.  They had said that they could eat avocados in the salsa as long as they kept it quiet, but Shane asking about it made Joe talk about it, so they couldn't eat the avocados. 

Joe dished out the salsa on the fish.  You can see the huge chunks of avocado.  Britney actually scraped hers back into the salsa bowl.   When they started eating, Jenn said the fish was good, but for her palate she would have liked more salt.  Joe's spin on that is that you can adjust the seasonings to taste.  We then saw Britney dumping a lot of salt on hers from a large container.

This is Britney's plate.

This is Britney scraping the big chunks back into the bowl

The camera showed her picking at the plate, and then leaving it there.  I knew it wouldn't be long until we heard her bitching and complaining about it.

Sure enough, she went right down the hall to the bathroom and started talking to Danielle about her horrible lunch. 

Britney:  Well, maybe I'm not the best judge....because I hate salsa.  I never eat salsa.  I mean, I never eat salsa...ever!  But here there's nothing else, so...  and there were all of these bones in the fish.

Danielle:  That sounds disgusting!

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