Thursday, August 9, 2012

Joe Wants to Call a House Meeting #BB14

We come back from a brief TRIVIA and Joe and Shane are in the storage room.

Joe is telling Shane that he just asked Danielle a simple question about how things are going and she brushed him off and basically told him to go to hell.

Janelle is frantic, telling Joe just to calm down...don't call a meeting.

Shane:  I just came in here to get some hair clippers...

Shane leaves and Janelle says Joe please calm down.

In the living room Wil is whispering to Mike and Frank about what just happened between Danielle and Joe.  The feeds get interrupted because they keep talking about production.  Mike was saying he thinks they use stand ins to set up camera shots.

Wil asks about Frank's nominee speech tonight and Frank and Mike just grin.  Frank says he can't practice out loud (maybe they're not allowed to?) but the cornerstone of the speech is going to be "classy".  Wil made up a quick cheer he could do and they all laugh.

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