Friday, August 10, 2012

Joe May Squeak by This Week #BB14

Because Wil just made a HUGE boo boo in his conversation with Frank and Mike Boogie in the HOH room.

I just came home and turned on the feeds and saw Wil sitting on the HOH bed saying that if he's nominated he won't have hard feelings, but won't make any deals or promises about next week.  After he left a whole conversation started about his crappy attitude.

Mike said that Wil made some sort of comment about knowing there is a big group working together in the house and smirking about it.

Mike:  Well, fuck him then.

Mike says that is the wrong time to have that sort of attitude.  They want to backdoor him, so they'd like for Shane to use his POV ticket this week to reduce the risk that Wil can play for the POV.  Frank also said that he doesn't trust Dan.

Frank: I don't like the thought of me goin' on the block again and havin' Dan snake around and get votes against me.

Mike wants to get Shane and Britney up in the  HOH but without Dan and Danielle.  We go to FISH and now Frank is downstairs with Shane, who is preparing to shave his chest, and Dan is in the HOH.

Shane may be using Nair instead of shaving.  I'll keep you posted.

Now Frank is back upstairs and announced that Shane is "Nairing" his chest.  He says he gave Shane and Britney a signal with his eyes to come upstairs.  He's not sure if they caught it.

Mike says that if everyone wants their alliance out in the open, that is fine and they can "go ahead and steamroll, but as long as he and Frank aren't the first ones in the line of fire".

They told Dan about what Wil said and they discuss how much damage he just did to himself.  He shouldn't have even come upstairs, they say.

They mention that Joe keeps saying his family just wants him to make jury.  The Silent Six don't want Wil or Joe on the Jury, though.

Downstairs Daneille announces she has her eyebrows waxed, but has never waxed anything else.  Britney has, and says it hurts.  Then Danielle says she had her mustache area waxed (I think?) because she repeated THREE TIMES that she had a HUGE SCAB on her upper lip.

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