Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jenn Won the POV #BB14

She got to play on a turntable, and burn her tank top.  I think her clothes may be gone.

Dan is partying in his Party Room, eating cake right off the slab.  He says he's got to find a way out of this room, and out of this.

Britney and Danielle are getting ready to be shackled.  Danielle is insecure about her outfit and Jenn consults with her.

Dan wants someone to check in with him every hour, so he knows what time it is.  Dan lays down and talks to himself.  He says he had two opportunities to win POV, and blew it.

Dan doesn't feel like dancing, I guess.  I'm watching the feeds and chair dancing my ass off.  Get up and get it Dan.

Dan mutters to himself that Jenn could save him.

But Jenn is telling Danielle to trust her--I think she took Slop for the rest of the summer, as well as burning her clothes.  So she wouldn't be saving Dan now, would she?

She just told Danielle that Dan started campaigning against her yesterday.

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