Monday, August 6, 2012

Jenn Talks to Us, the Live Feeders #BB14

First she talks about the weights in the backyard.  Just basic bullshit.

Then she mentions Randy from Lamb of God.  She knows he "got himself into a spot of trouble" and she hopes he's okay.  She wishes we could tell her.


Jenn:  Lamb of God.  Great band if you're into metal.  Especially if you like the drums.

She mentioned some different summer festivals and sends good wishes to friends who are playing.

The cameras move.  Jenn should talk to us your thing Jenn.

Meanwhile Danielle tries to snuggle with Shane in the HOH bed.

***ALSO ***

I looked up Jenn's friend Randy Blythe.  Wow.  Sounds like they were playing a concert in Prague and a fan who ran up on stage was thrown off by security, with an assist from Randy.  I guess he died, so  Randy was imprisoned for manslaughter.

I don't know anything about this, but I don't think anybody tried to kill anybody.  There is some footage of the incident at the bottom of this link.  They show it a few times in slow motion.  How scary that that guy could just be playing a show one moment, then arrested for manslaughter the next moment.

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