Monday, August 20, 2012

Jenn is Mad at Dan Now #BB14

Just now, as she was leaving the HOH meeting with Shane, she said, "you must have some kind of hella deal with Dan, Shane, and I hope it works out..."

Shane:  Not necessarily...

Jenn goes downstairs to the kitchen sink, where Dan is doing dishes, and says, "Until the end, huh Dan?"

No response from Judas Dan.

Jenn, washing a dish right next to him:  Yeah, you'll really like that album.  Especially the first song...the lyrics.....

Silence from Dan.

Jenn starts singing:  You'll look so pretty...digging your grave....

Then she walks down the hall to Skid Row, saying "It's your homie Jenn City!"

NOTE:  If you don't know, Jenn's last album with Kittie was called Until the End.  Dan told her he wanted to have that engraved on the inside of Chelsea's wedding ring, because the phrase touched him.  She said the whole album was about the problems that Kittie had with the record label, leading to their break up.

Britney is making toast and you can see her chewing with her mouth open in the first picture.

Jenn went into the bedroom and whispered with Mike, Frank and Ian about her conversation with Shane.  She says she asked point blank questions about who said what to him about her, and he couldn't answer.

Frank:  That motherfucker doesn't handle hard questions very well....

At some point, Dan might get tired of Ian being the good guy all of the time, while he takes the heat.  But right now the arrangement is certainly working for Ian, isn't it?

**Also**  Maybe it's okay for Jenn to sing her own songs in the house?  I don't think they've ever had that situation in the BB house, but if she co-wrote the songs with her band, surely she can sing them?

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  1. Watching after dark and Dani eating Doritos WITH mouth open, then say Ashley chewing something with her mouth open. WHAT is wrong with. The women is this house?? BB could do an hour montage of clips of they not realize??


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