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Jeff Sits down with the Lovely Janelle #BB14

Jeff Schoeder got to sit down with Janelle on Friday after her eviction from the BB14 house.  Janelle says she is happy to be out before Jury--if she has to be evicted she didn't want to be stuck in there without her husband and baby.

Jeff had a lot of fan questions for Janelle.  So far they are pretty much what you would expect.  Janelle thinks her BB reputation made her a huge target.  Many of the newbies hadn't watched Janelle's previous seasons, so they didn't know that she was loyal to her team and didn't backstab them. 

Janelle doesn't regret pressing the Reset button, but says she assumed Dan would press it.  She asked Jeff, "did he?  did he press it?"  Jeff said that he could give Janelle all of the facts now, but he knows she will get the news later on her own.  He did confirm that Dan did press the Reset button.

Jeff asked Janelle to demonstrate the tongue action from the Coach's Comp and she did it.  Janelle is a good sport.

Janelle says Mike "was in love with Will Kirby and is still in love with Will Kirby".  She says she and Mike text each other from time to time and he sent her pictures of his baby, but they weren't really good friends.  Janelle tried to tell the others that Mike was a huge threat, but they didn't watch All Stars so they didn't know.  Ian knew, but he was so wrapped up with Mike Boogie that Janelle couldn't turn him.  She would have picked Ian for her team instead of Ashley if she had known what a huge BB fan he was.  She thinks Mike intimidated the others into getting his way, rather than putting a guilt trip on them.

Jeff asks what her plans are now, and she says she is a stay at home mom and wants to have more kids.  She loves to be a mother and it was killing her to be away from Violet in that hotel room.  Jeff agrees that night in the hotel room is a lonely one after eviction---he can't even imagine what it would be like to miss your child.

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Janelle thinks Frank will win the game now--he has a lot of friends in the house and Mike will end up being a bigger target for eviction.  All of the fans say they love Janelle in their messages and questions that Jeff reads.  Of course.

Janelle was hesitant about Britney at times, particularly in the last week.  Sometimes they worked together nicely and other times she was sketchy.  Jeff said Britney doesn't come across as a good actress on the TV show and Janelle agrees.

Janelle would like Mike Boogie to go to the end and get second place to bring him down to earth.  She would like Ian to beat him.  She thinks Ian is too trusting of Mike at this point.  She thinks he needs to form a strong bond with someone other than Ashley and Mike Boogie. She thinks Dan will target Ian at some point as he does consider him a threat.

They both think Mike is playing the best game right now.  Janelle mentions the foiled eviction of Frank last week and says things would be entirely different if that blindside had gone down.

(Jeff is doing a great job on this interview and has obviously been watching the TV show, if nothing else.  What a great looking pair of people, huh?)

Janelle loved Joe's cooking and wasn't mad about him taking all of the food.  Jeff asked her about that.  Janelle wishes she had picked Kara first instead of Wil because she looked like the most athletic girl.  She would have liked a team of Kara, Ian and Joe.  She thinks she will be friends with Dan and Joe after the game.

Jeff wants Janelle to really get her claws out about Mike Boogie so he brings up the goodbye message he left her.

Jeff:  You called him a douchebag on live TV!

I spoke too soon about Jeff---he didn't know Janelle finished in 3rd place both times she's played.  Then he asked her her favorite BB season.

Janelle:  Season 6.

Jeff:  Was that All Stars?

Janelle:  No, the Summer of Secrets--season 6.

Jeff:  Were you on that one?

Janelle:  Yes!  Season 6!  That was my season!

Jeff:  Oh.  I only watched from All Stars.

Janelle said her favorite season that she didn't play on was BB8 and said she was pulling for Evel Dick from the first episode.  Jeff says that Evel Dick is a big supporter of Janelle but that he curses a lot about it and Janelle giggles.

Janelle doesn't think Shane and Danielle will have any sort of relationship outside the house.  She said Shane told everybody that he didn't like her---it's not authentic and the body language shows that.

Janelle:  It's not a real showmance like you and Jordan, or Brendon and Rachel.

Janelle is clueless about Shane's puka shells (or "puka beads" as Jeff calls them) and doesn't remember him wearing them.

Jeff asks about Porsche---are they besties?  Janelle says they are very good friends.

Jeff:  Real friends?

Janelle:  Yeah, real friends.

Jeff:  Well, you said before this that you didn't really like her...

Jeff is kidding and they laugh about it.

The last question was about hair---who has better hair Wil or Frank?

Janelle says that Frank has very frizzy hair and it is awful.  Wil's hair is much better and Jeff says he agrees that Wil has the best hair ever and it looks great on TV.  Janelle told him it was fake, and Jeff was surprised.

Janelle said she would only play BB a 4th time if Jeff played, too.  All Stars II anyone?

You can watch the video for yourself here.

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