Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jeff Meets JoJo #BB14

 I know this seems like it happened YEARS ago, but Jeff Schroeder sat down with JoJo Spatafora the morning after her eviction for an interview.  This is the second interview Jeff has conducted for the CBS website, and I have to say he is much improved over the last one.

I think there were some production issues with the first show, too, so it wasn't all Jeff's fault.  This time he was prepared and kept things moving right along.  JoJo did a great job, too, and was her usual chatty, spunky self.

I kind of miss JoJo after seeing this.

A few items of note:

*  Jeff asked her about her piercing at her throat.  She discusses it at length--maybe a little too much length---but at least we can now understand just what in the hell that thing is.
*  JoJo admitted she never saw Mike Boogie or Janelle on their BB seasons, and claims she wasn't that wowed by the Coaches---not as starstruck as the rest of the newbies.
*  She doesn't intend to keep in touch with Willie, and blames him for her plight.  She also knew the minute he was called into the DR that he wouldn't be coming back.  He broke the rules and that's it.
*  She would also throw pork rinds at Janelle if given the chance.  No love lost there.
*  With another week in the house, she probably would have hooked up with Shane, but says it would be PG-style kissing only.
*  She mentioned putting makeup on "Shayna" but Jeff didn't seem to know what she was talking about.
*  Jeff asked if Wil's hair was really that "lustrous" and was shocked when JoJo told him Wil has "extensions all over his head".  Jeff said they look really good.  JoJo has extensions too, but says there are "only about 5 of them".  Right.
*  JoJo still claims her Italian red sauce is better than Joe's. (They had a near fight over this in the early weeks of the game.)
*  Jeff continues to disparage Shane's "puka beads" but JoJo says she loves Shane's style.  (Kara said last week that she never noticed could you not notice that tacky necklace?)

Jeff looks yummy in the pictures.  You just know he smells really good.  Thanks for practicing Jeff.

You can watch Jeff's interview at this link.  I think.  It is kind of hard to find on the CBS website, to be honest. 

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