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Jeff Has a Sit Down With Mike Boogie #BB14

The day after Mike Boogie left the BB14 house, he sat down with Jeff Schroeder for a 30 minute interview.  I have heard Mike refer to Jeff fondly while he was in the Big Brother house, and at one point he wanted the live feeders to tweet Jeff and let him know that he wanted to hang out with Jeff and Jordan, now that they live in California.

Jeff and Jordan could do a lot worse, as far as friends go.  Mike is a pretty connected guy, and how nice would it be to have a friend who owns a nice restaurant or two?  Or twenty?

Before I start, I have to say that CBS gets a big fat "F" from me regarding the accessibility of Jeff's interview videos.  I actually had to type in search terms on the CBS website in order to find it.  I can find no easy link to all of them on the Big Brother page.  Is the location supposed to be a big fat secret?  Maybe so.

Jeff gets right to the fan's questions.  When I type Q and A I am referring to the questions that have been submitted--Jeff reads them off the cards and then frequently adds his own questions afterwards.

Q:  How did it feel to get played by Ian?

A:  Mike loved it--he thought he was getting booted by inferior players like Joe and Shane and Danielle, so it was refreshing to get from the kid he expected it from the least.  He's done that many times to other people, so he respected it.

Jeff says he is the sweetest kid on the show and he doesn't know where he got those strings to pull on.  If Mike sees it happened in a mean way, he may feel hurt by it, but he says he respected it as a game move.  Jeff wanted to know what Ian said to him on the way out of the door.  Ian repeated a line that Mike said to Howie Gorden during All Stars, "Get to steppin'", and he said it with conviction.  Mike thinks that Ian should have voted to keep Mike, so that he wouldn't have exposed his position to everybody else, but he thinks Ian wanted to get the props. (Mike would have still left, even if Ian voted for him.)  He was "drunk with power", as Mike puts it.  So Mike warned Frank about him as he left.

Q:  Did you have any hint that Ian turned on you?  What advice would you have for Frank?

A:  Mike just thought he was a happy go lucky kid in the house, and never thought he was even playing the game.  But when he told him at the door that he would see some things that he didn't like, and to get to steppin', he knew he had to warn Frank.  He does think Ian should have kept it quiet to go farther in the game, though.

When Jeff first read the question, he pronounced Ian's name wrong but corrected himself.  He explained that he is used to saying the name differently from Ian Zeiring.   (Who clearly mispronounces his own name, if you ask me.)  Jeff says this was by far the best episode of the season, and is sorry to say that since Mike got evicted.  Mike can't wait to go home and watch it tonight.

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Q:  Do you feel you were off this season, game-wise, or was Ian better than you?

A:  Mike had to actually work in the game, and Ian sat back and fed information to people.  It looks cute that he did that to his coach, but he didn't necessarily play a better game.

Q:  Will Dan and you be okay outside of the game?

A:  Mike says he really thought everything was due to Dan.  He knew Danielle was a nurse, so he took her in the Arcade Room just before the show and said he "had some special powers in the game and things were going to be shaken up, so she better work with him, Nurse Murphree".  He wasn't sure she was a nurse, but he had to "swing for the fences" as Jeff puts it.  But Mike had told Ian that he was going to do that, and Ian told Danielle about it.  Mike tried to play up until the very last second.  Dan never named Ian, and Mike totally respects it.  Dan never likes to lie since he is the "Catholic school boy".  Mike left all resentment at the door.

Mike realizes that Ian was present at most conversations he had about the game, so he thinks he will feel stupid watching it afterwards.  Jeff tells him that Ian was with him for the first part of the season, and Mike looks skeptical but relieved.

There is too much chatter here for me to report every word --they are enjoying talking to each other and just about every second of this interview has words in it.  Jeff asks Mike if things would have gone differently if he had gone for the HOH instead of the $10K.  Mike doesn't think so, and that they shouldn't have let him get to the end, because if "there is money, he's going to snatch it".  Jeff loved that comment and laughed at it.

Mike doesn't know if you could see the hill on that competition on TV, but it made things hard and there was no way to beat an athlete like Shane.  Mike trusted him at the time, too, so that impacted his decision.

Mike:  I got third place money, and I get to go home.

Jeff says he gets to go home and see his kid, too.  Mike says he played differently since having a child--he feels he didn't call people out as much has he would have, and he wasn't so mean to people.

Jeff tells Mike that he did that a little bit...a little bit and they laugh.

Q:  If Mike had to go back in the game with either Dr. Will or Frank, who would he choose?

A:  Mike thinks Frank is a scholar of the game and knows more about the game than anybody in the house right now.  But Frank's athleticism and big personality made both of them huge targets in there, and he was more "rah rah rah let's go out there and win".   Dr Will knew how to calm Mike down, and stay under the radar a little bit.  He would probably choose Will, but by a narrow margin.

Mike tells Jeff that he and Frank often said, damn I wish we had Schroeder in here fighting with us.  I'm sure Jeff liked hearing that.  Jeff want's to know if Frank is an honorary member of Chilltown and Mike laughs and says yes.

Q:  Will Mike go back into the house again, and can Wendy (the fan) be his evil sidekick?

A:  If Mike can get Ian, he will use him as his evil sidekick, but he says the game is intoxicating, and a roller coaster, but he would probably consider it if the question comes up.

He mentions that you can't wear team logo clothes in the house, so he had the shirts made beforehand by a friend.  He left quite a few items with Frank to wear, and we may see other items on Ebay this weekend. 

Q:  Did Frank earn his Cool Kid Club card?

A:  Frank was a Cool Kid long before he met Mike Boogie, but understands the question and says yes he did.

Jeff asked if that was a Chilltown thing and Mike says yes.  Jeff explained that the fans "go deep" sometimes with info and he doesn't know it.  Mike laughs at that.  (Jeff's not an internet "crazy" like we are.)

Q:  Do you regret treating Janelle the way you did since you were tricked the same way?

A:  (without hesitation) No, I do not.  Janelle played a dirty game and told people I said things I didn't say, this year she played a very different game then she did last time.  I loved Britney's goodbye message to me--if you get me and it's funny, I'll smile and congratulate you.  But me getting Janelle out of there was one of the biggest moments of the game for me.  We've played together twice now, we have a history and we're both parents.  When I left there I left the negativity behind when the door closed.

Mike says Janelle is a beast in competitions, and she's a badass.  It was fun to have a rivalry with her since she was a woman and that's unusual.  She can beat the guys, and she was "always beating Dan".

Q:  Who do you honestly want to win this game?   (Jeff mangled this question and Mike had to read it off the card for him, saying hey isn't Jeff the host?  Jeff said it happens every week, and he "can't read". )

A:  Mike says this is a popular question to be asked when you leave the show.  He thinks Danielle and Britney are in good positions to win---he's not saying he wants them to win, but they are in a good place based on who is fighting with who, etc.  He thinks Dan is playing a good game to put together a group of fans and sycophants to support him.  He has someone to win comps, and others to play the social game.  He is in a good position, but Frank has some smarts and can pull a rabbit out of a hat and win as well.

Mike knows Ashley was evicted, but he doesn't know who won HOH.  If Frank won HOH, he can use that power to work people.  He says Frank should put up Dan and Shane to fracture the group.

Q:  Who is the most irritating person in the house?

A:  Mike likes this question and says there are so many!  He's going to vote for Joe and Britney.  Joe is a "big mouth idiot" and Britney is a super complainer and is always unhappy.  She is also so messy and eats a meal and leaves everything sitting there.

Jeff mentions that some one else said that when they left.  Mike says that Britney makes a huge cup of coffee with cream and sugar, and then just leaves it sitting there.  Flies, ants and roaches gather and it is gross.  Then he mentions Joe not washing his hands before he cooks food.  Jeff knows what he means and he got irritated with people's mess too.  Mike just wanted to "smash stuff and break it over her head" but he refrained.

Mike mentions the "thing with Willie" as a big fight in the house.  Mike thinks America knew this since they awarded the Have Nots "cereal and salmon", since that tied into the argument.  Mike says the alcohol they got was "very limited" and this cut down on the fights.  Mike says for BB7 they had a lot of booze (they did...) and that got crazy  (it did....).

Jeff wanted to do a Chilltown call and they improvised a quick one.  I can tell Jeff really had fun with Mike and I'm sure they will make plans to hang out, or to align on All Stars 2 maybe!!  (Just me talking there....but I like it.)

Jeff tells us to "relax and get a snack" because this is a double eviction night, and there is another interview coming up.  You can watch this entertaining video here.


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