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Jeff Chats With Wil Heuser #BB14

Jeff Schroeder sat down with Wil Heuser Friday, to discuss the stack of questions that viewers have submitted for him.  Jeff congratulates him on 40 days in the house and Wil says "All Day, All Night!"

Helen wants to know how he keeps his hair so fabulous looking?  Wil doesn't like to wear a lot of product in his hair.  It is actually very curly so he likes to use a good shampoo, a little heat protectent, and then he "flat irons the hell out of it".  Jeff says his hair is fabulous, and Wil says Jeff is a silver fox himeself.  Jeff cracks up over that one.  

Robbie wants to know if Wil believes in karma, since just voted out Janelle.  Wil does believe in karma, but says that even if he didn't vote for her, Janelle would have gone home anyway.  Wil knew there was a large alliance in the house and calls it the Not So Silent Six.  Jeff tells him about the Quack Pack and Wil didn't know about that one.  He says Britney is so sneaky...

If Frank had gone home instead of Janelle, he thinks he would definitely still be in the house and would not have been a target for some time.  Jeff compliments Wil on playing his own game, and being smart enough to sniff out crap when it is handed to him.  He gives the example of Janelle acting like she was crying and Wil calling her out in the DR on it, and him catching Dan in a lie.  Wil says both Dan and Britney are playing the same exact games that they did in their seasons and Wil was on to them.

Wil is very poised on camera and is quite comfortable being interviewed.  It's not his first time at the rodeo.  His voice is a little toned down now, but otherwise he is the same Wil we have known for 40 days.
He thinks Joe is a reckless player who was so vocal about getting the coaches out and it was weird that he ended up being so vocal in support of Janelle.  Jeff said that if Wil had done what they wanted him to do, but put his own spin on it, he would have been very dangerous and sneaky in the house, a force to be reckoned with..  Wil loved that and said he can't wait to go home and watch the episodes to see how he could have done better.

Jeff:  Well, don't listen to me--I don't know how to win the game either!

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 Jeff asked what Wil said as he left the house--he rewound it but didn't catch exactly what he said.   He said that as Jodi left the house, she said "I'm nobody's mama!" because she didn't want to do all of the dishes in the house.  So he said he was "nobody's marketing consultant" as a joke.

Wil:  No offense to you, but Jodi is my favorite house guest of all time!

(Poor Jodi.)

Jeff asks Wil about Shane.  He says that Shane is an attractive guy, but his personality is ugly at times.  Then Jeff asked him the same question that he has asked everybody else---what is up with Shane's "puka beads"?

Wil says yes, what is he, 18 in Santa Monica?  Jeff said that Wil is the first one to know what the "puka beads" are and that he is the "winner" for that.  Jeff isn't going to ask that anymore.

Wil's favorite moment in the house is FartGate, when Frank was on the block against Kara.  He farted in bed on Jenn, and then Joe blew the entire event out of proportion by telling everyone that "Frank shit all over Jenn in bed and she's changing her vote!"

The worst houseguest to live with was Britney for Wil.  He said she is so negative all of the time.  She is a lovely girl with a funny personality, but that didn't come out much because she was too busy complaining all of the time.  She was also very messy and did the dishes maybe two times all summer.  (Jeff:  Oh, I hate that!)

Wil does an impression of Jenn City by keeping her teeth together when she talks and using a lot of slang that she appears to have made up.  For example, she calls money "bones".  Jeff says that is more of Jenn than anybody has seen on TV and Wil says that is he the impression he is getting from his interviews.

Wil thinks Ashley is a sweet girl and is not as stupid as everyone seems to think  she is.  Wil thinks she is going to slip through the cracks and end up being there for a long time.  Jeff says that Frank was being Prince Charming there for a while and Wil says he was a little more than that.

Jeff:  Do you know about all that?

Wil:  Well, she said there was a kiss, and then she laughed about it.

Jeff:  They were naked!

Wil:  What!!  You Ho!!

Jeff laughs and says he is kidding.  They have a great rapport.

 Wil says that the Zingbot had a short fuse this year.  His joke compared him to Fabio and and said if he had a "dollar for every Fabio joke he's heard he'd be as rich as Dan Gheesling!"  Ha ha ha.

Jeff asked about his Skipper's hat he wore for the eviction and Wil says that was a Captain's Hat!  He's no skipper!  He saw that hat in his closet while he was packing for the show and thought it would look great on camera.  Jeff says it did and he tweeted that he hoped Wil would wear it during the interview today.

Jeff asked Wil to sing a song and Wil made up a little one that ended with the "Lies...Allegations..." line that he did all the time in the house. He asks us to check out his You Tube channel and they high fived over that.  Jeff is going to check it out to see some more singing.

Wil said the Pirate Ship was very hard and he skinned the backs of his arms on it.  Then he says that BB told them they couldn't lock their hands behind them and use their elbows but that is what Danielle did!  He tried very hard to win every competition but they were all hard.  He wasn't very good at the skill competitions and wasn't on the football team like Jeff was.

Wil heard that Shane was the HOH and apparently Jeff can't confirm that.  (Since it hasn't aired on CBS yet, I guess.)  He says that if that is true, Shane should take the opportunity to eject one of the Silent Six.  Jeff would have liked to have seen Wil do something like that in the house and says maybe he will be back for All Stars.

Jeff actually read Helen's question about his hair again, but this time Wil adds that he had a keratin treatment before he came in the house.  (I've had that before--they iron stuff in your hair that makes it stick straight for months.)

Jeff wants one word to describe Wil as a player and Wil struggles to find a name for someone who doesn't get fooled easily by other people.  Together they come up with "Sherlocks" and they high five on that.  Jeff jokes they should end the interview on that!

Jeff cautions him that some BB fans are a little crazy online, but that Wil was well-liked and has a big fan base.  Wil does his Sharon Osborne impression and Jeff just laughs. Wil wants to be friends with everybody outside of the house, "even JoJo".  Wil brings up the time that JoJo stole some of his booze in the house.

Jeff says he loved meeting Wil, and thinks he has a great future in front of the camera.  Then he says there are some double evictions coming up, so we should all stay tuned and see what happens!

Wil looks delighted to hear that and he can't wait to see it!

This interview was the best one yet.   So much positive energy and they were a great team on camera.  Put this one on your reel Jeff!

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  1. Where is the rest of the interview? I heard he said Dan would or should win BB & that he actually liked Janelle. Can you advise where to find the whole interview as Canadians can't view the CBS archived feed. Thanks


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