Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jeff and Jordan Do America - Episode 2

No one is awake yet on the live feeds, and I am certainly procrastinating about doing my real job, so I am taking a refreshing break to watch another episode of this amusing show.  It is well produced and the episodes are only 5-6 minutes long, so I don't have to guilt trip myself too much about it.
In this episode, it appears that Jordan will enjoy a corndog.  Let's all dig in.  They start at Buckingham Fountain, which is apparently the beginning of Route 66.  I think this is the fountain you see at the beginning of Married With Children.  It is right by the waterfront near the Bears stadium and the Shedd Aquarium in downtown Chicago.  Jordan tells Jeff she feels like they are already married, and then she tells us that she hopes he will propose in year or two...sometime.

Slow down there Jeff.  For gods sake don't rush into anything.  You've only been dating for three years.

They bicker about who is the worst driver, and Jordan apparently takes a three hour nap in the car and says she's tired and hungry.  Hint:  Here comes the corndogs.

Jeff has called up the good people at this corndog restaurant and they have agreed to let them make their own lunch. It is called Cozy Dogs, according to Jeff, but that's not what the sign said.  Jordan had two of them, they were so good.

Then they went to Henry's Rabbit Ranch.  Rich from the Ranch asks Jeff his favorite question about when he is going to  marry Jordan.  They signed the guest book but I didn't see them play with any rabbits.   I am happy to report I didn't see them kill or eat any rabbits, either.  As a matter of fact, I don't remember seeing any rabbits at all.

Then Jordan has a surprise for Jeff.  They are visiting her grandparents, whom Jeff hasn't met yet.  I hope I am not violating Jordan's privacy by publishing this map.

Well, Papaw isn't much on Jeff's cohabitation plan, apparently, and is going to give him a good talking-to in the next episode.  I can hardly wait, but I will wait to watch it.  It's a nice break from my day to see people so carefree and relaxed about life.

This might be the same grandpa that told Jordan "no booger" before BB11, but I'm not sure.

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