Monday, August 6, 2012

Janelle: I Think Wil Sold Me Out #BB14

She tells Britney and Ashley that Danielle told her that she heard Janelle was after her.  Janelle said that was not true (it isn't) but Danielle insisted that a number of people have told her that.

Danielle is up in the HOH telling Dan that everyone hates Janelle, and she says a lot of nasty things about her.  She tells Dan about her conversation with Wil this morning, when Wil told her that Ashley and Jenn both hate Janelle, and that he promised to keep both Dan and Danielle safe next week.

Now Danielle tells Dan she told Janelle that she glares at her all of the time, and yesterday when she went to Janelle to see if she wanted to work out, Janelle was sleeping and asked her to leave her alone.

I don't know how Dan can just sit there and listen to Danielle ramble on and on like a jilted teenager.

Dan is apparently worried because just now Britney came up to the HOH and they asked her to leave.  Now he tells Danielle what to say to Britney about it.  (Dan is all about Dan, 24-7.)

Dan wants to know if his name came up in the meeting and she said no.  Danielle feels she was "very meticulous" with what she said to Janelle.  Dan tried to look angry during the meeting, but like he is trying to hide being angry.  He didn't get to look around very much, but Danielle said Janelle was glaring at her the entire time.  Frank was acting really sad during the meeting, too.

Janelle doesn't know what to do right now.  She can't believe Danielle nominated her.  

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  1. Hey :-) Wanted to say I really like your blog. I appreciate the level of detail you include. I quit looking at Joker's because there'd be one line, like "Jenn and Wil talk about their tv appearances, etc" and I'd be like, WHAT DID THEY SAY? lol I'm crazy like that. Anyway, I don't have feeds or Showtime or access to Dick at Nite, and I appreciate your hard work, as I am obsessed with the show as well :-)

    Anyway, I wondered about your opinions on whether Janelle is as big a liar as they say, or how you perceive the situation... I know she lied somewhat but it reminds me of BB12 when it seemed like everyone used Rachel as a scapegoat, blaming her for everything. I am sure you have seen a lot more than I have. And Danielle is intolerable.. I am glad we agree on that!


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