Monday, August 6, 2012

Janelle Has a Pretty Dress to Wear on Thursday #BB14

It is purple and is from Nordstrom.  She thinks Julie Chen will like it---it's classy.

Her back hurts from sleeping on that bed--she says sleeping in there really is like Skid Row.  Bodies all over the place.  There is always noise and people walking through.

Britney is sitting with her.  Janelle is reading her bible. 

Janelle asked Britney what's wrong---is she sad?  Britney said no, but Janelle doesn't believe her.

Janelle:  Have you been crying?

Brit:  No.

Janelle:  Britney you can still win if I leave here.

Brit, crunching ice:  Get real.

Janelle:  Just don't take so many guys with you at the end.

Brit:  I think without the Coaches, this would be a repeat of season 12.

Janelle agrees.  She thinks that Frank knew about this last night, based on snide comments that Frank made to her about her eviction on Season 7. 

Britney just listens and crunches ice.  She says Danielle won't tell her anything.  Janelle is very calm and is being sweet to Britney.  I haven't heard her complain, or campaign in any way.  She asked for votes from her team this morning, but didn't really believe what they said to her.

Outside the group is laughing and making fun of the situation.  I think Frank needs to calm down a little and stop being so cocky, if he wants things to work out for him this week.

Janelle:  The worst thing, is if I leave this week, it's like I got backdoored.

Brit:  It's not like you got backdoored, you would get backdoored.  You didn't get to play for POV.

Janelle doesn't think she could have won anyway.  She's not good at the skill competitions.

Janelle says she was talking to Ian about science last night, and Joe said Wil came in the kitchen and commented that Janelle was "even being nice to Ian now".  Janelle says she can't count on him--he went 24 hours without even talking to her.

Janelle:  I told him that you shouldn't lie to people in this house.  The more you lie, the more people won't trust you.

Brit:  What about Ashley?

Janelle:  She'll vote for me.  And Joe.  Joe hates Frank.

Brit:  I need to talk to Dan.

Janelle:  If you think I'm definitely going,  you'll tell me won't you?

Brit: Yes.  I'll tell you.  We need to figure out what Dan and Shane are going to do.


  1. so is britney really going to vote for her or no? Im so confused

  2. if ur going to comment on frank being cocky would u please acknowledge how cocky danielle is? im not even a frank fan but danielle is the worst hg in years. its obvious she has some deep rooted emotional issues. I've never seen anyone with such approval issues. and her fake tough bitch act makes it even worse. even with Natalie from 11 at least she was upfront with her arrogance. unlike danielle at least Natalie would call Jeff out to his face. whereas dumpy danielle talks ish about janelle behind her back yet is scared to be consistent to her face. then repeat her lies about their interaction 22 times and tell people she stood up to janelle. she's pathetic and deserves all the hate she will be getting after the show. I know dan has to play his game but his image is being tarnished after being tied to such an idiot. if he's as smart as he thinks he is he will separate himself from such an emotional idiot. I can't believe how delusional danielle is. at least own the fact that you are f'd in the head. really? worres that anyone will give a crap that you were in some half rate harley davidson calendar? WOW. kara was spot on about danielle when she complained about her in the beginning. its obvious her backwood town of 100 is the only world she has lived in. nobody deserves the hate Shelley got last year but danieles got another thing coming. and I look forward to what's gonna happen to her in the game.


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