Thursday, August 2, 2012

Janelle Gets Chatty #BB14

Britney can tell there is another storm coming, and tells Janelle to take a good breath.

Britney: It's good training for child birth!

Janelle makes a comment to indicate giving birth is much harder.  Her Janie Doll voice is energetic, which must suck for her competitors.

Mike called from the sidelines to ask Janelle about the Pressure Cooker (from her previous season).

Janelle:  Well, the pressure cooker was for like 14 hours...

You can see that although he talks a big game, Frank is hunched over.  His back must be killing him.

Somewhere in America though, Sid Vicious is feeling no pain.

Frank says to the crew that they can go home in 15 minutes if there are two cases of beer for the cast.

I think I heard Mike say Frank cut a sweet deal, but I'm not sure I heard correctly. 

I think Joe is giving Mike info---he just told Mike that "he ought to know what he's dealing with".


  1. Joe thinks he's ingratiating himself with Boogie, but he's just proving he's an idiot. No one will want to work with him.

  2. Joe is like a little prison bitch.

    Seriously, what was AGP thinking? It feels like they are making this up as they go along.

    Last night's episode would have included a spectacular blindside.

    And now this.


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