Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ian Switches Sides #BB14

He has been picked for POV, along with Shane and Jenn.

He came up to the HOH and told Britney and Danielle he wanted to check in with them to see what they want to do today.  He states that he wants to do whatever they want to do.

Britney:  So it's over with you and Mike Boogie?  All done?

Ian nodded:  He doesn't know it yet.

Britney:  Well, he will when you win the POV and don't use it to save Frank!

Britney clarifies that he won't turn his back on them now, that they have a relationship in the game now.  They hope that it is a mental puzzle today.  Ian says that if he wins and doesn't use the POV, he will tell Mike that he heard he would get put up in Frank's place.

Ian:  This has to be one can know.

(He won't be able to keep it a secret, because Britney and Danielle both know about it...they like to talk.)

Ian mentions AGAIN that he plans to take a bath in the HOH tonight, and that they can walk in during the bath and talk to him again. 

(He's not all in with them if he doesn't even want to be seen talking to them without a non-game reason.)

Ian:  Whenever I walk in the room, Frank and Mike stop talking, so it seems like they have frozen me out...their loss...

Britney: our gain.  This is good for you Ian.

They all hugged to seal the deal. Ian says he was drunk last night in the hot tub.  Ian told them that Jenn found out "a long time ago" that Mike thought she was expendable, so she's done with him, too.

Frank interrupted the meeting and Ian left so they could talk.  Britney left, too, saying she smelled "ass and it might be trailing from Frank".

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