Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ian is Going to be a Dog for 24 Hours #BB14

and has to sleep in some sort of dog house.  Danielle promises to come check on him during the night, and Janelle is going to be up late, too.


He has to be on a leash with an escort when he needs to go to the bathroom.  He must eat and drink out of dog bowls.

Mike is somehow very angry with Ian about this.  I think he could have taken Jenn's trip and made her the dog, or something like that.  It was a trip to Maui.

(From what I've heard, the taxed value of the trips is so high, most houseguests take the cash value over the trip.)

Ian thinks Frank will definitely leave on Thursday.


I haven't heard this with my own ears yet, but I think Frank has to wear a unitard. 

Yes, a unitard. 

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