Monday, August 27, 2012

Ian is Getting his Drank On #BB14

After Frank told Ian to get the fuck out of the HOH, he came storming back a few minutes later to get his three bottles of Guinness out of the fridge.

He went downstairs and slammed them on the dining table, and was tearing up a kitchen drawer looking for a bottle opener.  This would have been a good time for screw off caps...

Now he's doing some angry drinking, and stormed around and made some lewd gestures meant for Frank.

Shane is being sweet to Danielle and his holding her hand in the living room.  He is asking the DR to get her some Xanax.  (Danielle already knew this was going to happen, but I guess she is still upset, because Britney is upset.)

Britney had a teary meeting with Dan in the Arcade.  She just wanted him to tell her she's going home, and ended up telling him "his game is so cold..." before leaving.  (I'll bet Dan loved that statement, as a fan of Dr. Will's.)

Now she's up in the HOH and broke down, telling Frank he is a great player, and she knows he worked so hard to be there.  She understands the game but is still sad, and shocked.  Jenn went and got her a roll of toilet paper to use as Kleenex.  Jenn says she didn't want to have two ladies up on the block, so she's sorry about that.

Britney feels screwed over by Dan.  I guess Frank made statements in the meeting about knowing the extent of Ian's betrayal, so the Quack Pack is trying to figure out who told Frank. (Who told him?  Why, Dan of course.)

Ian is railing about Frank leaving--he can't play for HOH for the next two weeks.  He is pacing and just called Frank a "lying backstabbing piece of shit".  But then Ian says that he "only had 16 seconds" to make the decision to backstab Mike Boogie, but Frank "had all day".  The cameras show Danielle just staring at Ian as he says these ridiculous lies.

Does Ian realize Dan betrayed him?

Shane:  Enjoy it America!  The most eff-ed up season of Big Brother ever!

(According to Dan, Shane has never seen a full season of Big Brother.)

I'll bet Ian's mom just wants to get on a plane and go get her baby.

Britney, laughing:  I feel just like Janelle---I  look like crap right now--I didn't fix my hair!

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