Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Love This Game #BB14

Apparently Frank has won the POV and the Castaways are all glum, knowing one of them will be on the block.

Ian is talking about the goodbye message he will leave for Boogie this week...he will say "like father like son".  Hie is disgusted with the way today turned out.

Danielle is "disgusted with Frank's cussin'".

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  1. YAY! Honestly, I hated Frank and wanted him out for a long time. But he has grown on me. I think he's a pretty good guy. I mean, he offered Britney a hug! COME ON! I am totally on Team Frank now. Great social skills, pretty classy (aside from all the farting, of course). I hated Mike Boogie too but I have come to appreciate his negotiating skills. Wouldn't want Mike as a friend but I do respect the way he works people. Frank, I would hang out with that guy. I miss Wil - he was entertaining!


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