Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hurry Up and Wait #BB14

They are sitting around waiting for the POV to start.  Dan and Britney played a game involving throwing cards into the top hat on the table.  Britney won.  Danielle read the bible.

Britney decided to eat some candy and got her own camera for almost as long as Janelle would without her make up on.


Supposedly Britney heard Joe playing with himself in the middle of the night in the Have Not Room.  She swears he is always watching Danielle at all times.  Tonight she is going to wake up Danielle if she hears it again so she "won't have to go through that alone"!   (ha ha ha)

Now Britney reads the bible and finishes her candy, while Danielle got herself some sort of Have Not beverage.

And where's Joe?  Well, he's right there of course.  Better not fall asleep on the couch Joe.  You're not allowed to sleep anywhere inside but the Have Not Room.

And neither is Shane.

Britney is just reading the scriptures and eating her candy.

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