Friday, August 24, 2012

Guess Who the Lone Have Not Is #BB14

Father Dan Gheesling.  Yep.  I think Frank had to appoint someone, and Dan volunteered since he has not been one before.

I saw Ian on BBAD last night tell Dan that he wanted to volunteer, but then remembered that he might get an HOH basket so that changed his mind.

I did see Ian get his HOH basket and will document that on today's BBAD summery, as usual.  I also watched Dan grimly drink a protein shake while everyone else dove into Ian's Kit Kats.

Dan is Frank's target this week and he made no bones about that.  It was clear.  This game will continue to be interesting, as the Quack Pack starts turning on each other.  Who will Frank play with next week?

You can see Dan in the top left box below, snoozing in the Have Not room.  I tried to get a close up of Camera #1, but for some reason it isn't working.  Usually the Have Nots use all of the extra blankets, but since Dan gets to use all of them he might be fairly comfortable.  And it might be nice to have a room to yourself---a nice dark room.

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