Friday, August 24, 2012

FYI...Pandora May Be On Her Way #BB14

I am working today but have the live feeds on in the background.  I feel I must tell you that the HOH room has been locked down for quite some time.  The house is abuzz with rumors about Pandora's Box.

Frank had a long talk with Joe about the ways he and Mike were betrayed by Dan, and Joe certainly "Yassir'd" him all over the place.

Then he went into the Have Not room to tell Dan that maybe Pandora will save him.

I hope Frank is smart enough to think clearly about this. He shouldn't let a few promised prizes get in the way of giving Dan the boot this week.


  1. Or BB knows Frank is screwed next week when he can't play for HOH, so they're using Pandora's Box to give him a secret golden power of Preesh?

  2. Ha ha. The Golden Power of Preesh. Love it.

    FYI Dan and Britney are discussing telling Frank that Ian started the Quack Pack. I don't think that will save Dan, but it is worth a try.

  3. I agree that it probably wouldn't save Dan, but it would still be one fun conversation to watch, so hope they do it. Frank seems to be oblivious to the extent of Ian's betrayal. It would be interesting to see if Frank believed them, and if so, how that would effect his long term game. Right now, I think Ian is low on his radar.

    I liked Ian, but I'm not sure getting Boogie booted was smart for his game. Boogie could have been a solid vote for him, and maybe even a cheerleader for him, in the jury house. Not sure if Ashley will vote for him any longer either. Ian needs to consider all aspects of the game, and not just the glory of pulling one over on Chill Town.


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