Sunday, August 19, 2012

Froogie Discusses Their Options #BB14

They are sitting on the patio discussing how they will "divide and conquer" today with the other house guests over the next two days.

Frank notes that Britney is extremely concerned about looking like a fool.  She told Frank about how she went online and read on websites that the fans thought of her coming in as a coach like a joke.  She was very embarrassed about that.

(Hi Britney!)

Frank thinks they can play that up, that she is going to get played trusting Shane and Dan, and this is a way for her to get the last laugh.  Frank knows that at this point they need to express loyalty and that they will owe her for the rest of the game.  Mike agrees, and says the next month will go fast.  They plan to bring up how she had to deal with Willie in the beginning of the game, and had to work her way out of that ever since.

Mike:  I wish she was a morning person---this is the best time for us to talk.

Frank is going to play up the fact that people get starstruck by Dan, and forget what a schemer he was in BB10.  He says when they spoke yesterday she said she was so freaked out the first few weeks that she was actually working with Janelle, who was one of her BB idols.  He is going to play that up, that Dan is so dangerous and she doesn't want to learn that the hard way.

Mike is going to start saying things to quietly disparage Dan, like saying, "I feel so bad about this...Frank is unemployed and really needs the money, but I trusted Dan  in this game and I think I ruined his chances now".

Mike is excited about the many routes they can take in the net two days.

Mike:  Tell Shane, who do you think Dan is going to put up when he decides to start winning?  It's going to be you, dog!  And you can't play next week.

**I know that Mike Boogie is a polarizing figure in the game, but I love his strategic fighting spirit and the way he shares his strategy with us every day.  Once he is gone, the quality of the live feeds is going to drop significantly, in my opinion.  Mike is a damn fighter, and I would want to be on his team.  I respect that he does not lie in the house like everybody else.***

Mike:  I'm going to pull out New England today....all the fucking stops with Shane..

Frank:  His sister is pretty fucking hot....

Mike: Yeah!  And moving to my home town!  Can you imagine if she was single?  I'd have to go see my Nana and take a crack at that POV!

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