Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Frank's Show and Tell #BB14

Frank, Mike and Ashley appear to be the only ones awake right now in the BB house.

A few minutes ago, Frank was in the kitchen and found a spoon in the drawer that was filthy, with stuff "stuck all over it".  There he is, in the upper right corner, showing us the dirty spoon.

Frank:  Can you believe that?  That is disgustin'.

Then Frank goes outside and Ashley went into the DR.  Mike and Frank said that Ashley is a "fucking gamer" and they are so thrilled with her efforts to help them.

Frank said in front of her that "Joe might be the swing vote, but Ashley's the frickin' MVP!"

Then Frank was alone on the patio for a few minutes and told us all he's been having a rough week, but if they can pull this week out he's going to keep fighting hard.  He says everybody else in the house is lying, and Dan is trying to keep his mouth shut so he doesn't have to lie.

Frank:  I've been straight talkin'.  A straight talkin' Em Effer.

Ashley comes back out and they chat about "Twinkie Day" at his high school.  He wanted to know what Ashley's real hair color is, and she said it is dirty blonde with red undertones.  Frank thinks that sounds like his hair color.

Ashley's school had Backwards Day, and Twin Day, and Spirit Day.  Frank dressed up like Batman at school in 2002.  He rented it from a nice costume rental place and it was "rock solid".

Mike said earlier that he was calling them "Father Dan and his Number One Alter Boy".  Mike says that phrase says it all and they all agreed.    Ashley says now that Dan is acting a lot "how real priests act, and it's unfortunate".

Mike discussed the movie The Tao of Steve, but then admits that he's never seen it.  He says it applies to a higher power of thinking, but as it applies to picking up chicks.

(I've seen that movie----it was kind of a nerd cult classic when it came out.)

Mike says that kids he knew who were from religious families were often the most screwed up.  Ashley chimes in that the preacher's kids are always sluts.

They hear Jenn getting called to the DR and they hope the DR gets her all pumped up.

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