Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Frank's HOH Blog....Again. #BB14

Frank is certainly logging a lot of time in front of the HOH computer this season.  As usual, everything sounds just like him, and his unique voice.

I like how he calls Mike's son "Brady Boogie" and calls Ted "Teddy B".  I don't think he's allowed to call him Ted anymore, officially.  Because of Mark Wahlberg and all.

HoH Blog: Frank

Hello again from the HOH room!! Three W's in the HOH column is definitely a great feeling, especially when you've needed them like I have, this one the most!! I'm not sure how I pulled off the POV win and the HOH win like I did on Thursday, and I hope everyone watching can see how bad I want this and how much I love this game. Having Mike and Ashley go in the same night was definitely a low blow, especially when you consider that it was Ian who was behind what happened. Not having them in the game is absolutely going to make it harder for me going forward, but I'm doing my best to get myself situated for a run down the stretch.

Big shout outs to friends and family, you are all loved and missed. Also big props to all our troops stationed all over the world, whether you're fans or not, we are all fans of yours!! Mom, Nana, Gunnar, Dad, Juice, Cake, Jonathan, and all my other friends and family, I hope I'm representing you all well and not embarrassing anyone, I love you all and can feel you cheering me on every step of the way. David and Carm I hope you haven't set the house on fire!! Hello Mike Boogie and Brady Boogie, wish you were still her brother, but I know you're rooting for me.

The finish line is almost in sight, and I've fought too hard up to this point to not make it to the end. I felt really alone in this game after Thursday nights' double eviction, but now I'm starting to not feel so alone. Some people in the house are going from thinking 'this guy can win this game' to 'this guy deserves to win this game' which is the mindset I need people to have.

I hope I haven't rubbed any of you the wrong way with my some of my louder moments, I just hope everyone can see the passion I have for Big Brother. I fought really hard for three years to make it into this house, and I've had to fight even harder ever since I walked through the door to stay in this house. For all of you fans out there who have tried to make it on the show, know that persistence really can pay off!! I'm living my dream as you read this!! I also hope that we are putting on a great show for all of you this summer, we try to keep it interesting!!

I know its a game, but I didn't check my character at the door, some people obviously feel different.

Root for me, the unlikely underdog!

Frank and Teddy B!

P.S. From being on the block five times, to wearing a spriritard, to chum baths and a carrot suit I can't catch a break!!! Kids eat your vegetables, especially your carrots!!!

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  1. Franks going to win! Strongest player ever!!


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