Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Frank's HOH Blog #2 #BB14

Well Frank has unleashed another HOH blog on us.  It's a good post, but I have to say the picture they posted with it is creepy.  Particular with the Julie Chen shirt, and his declarations of heartbreak if she won't spend one-on-one time with him this Thursday night.

Easy there Frank.

I think he's got some serious fears regarding the actual trustworthiness of Mike Boogie.  Maybe Janelle did plant some seeds there about Mike's ability to engineer a betrayal and laugh about it later. 

HoH Blog: Frank

Posted on Aug 15, 2012 01:14pm

Hello again everyone in the Big Brother Fandom!!! This is the comeback kid coming atcha, but don't call it a comeback!! After Three times on the block I pulled off another HOH win helping guarantee myself a week off the block! If anyone is out there sending good vibes and prayers my way, thank you very much, and will I ever get a chance to vote?!

Even though I was on the block last week, sitting next to Janelle as she went out the door on an eight to one vote, it felt pretty good. I was a big fan a Janelles on season 6 and season 7, but she has been my main adversary for the last few weeks, and has dogged me pretty hard so seeing her go was a big relief.

House Updates: A chunk of the house has been participating in the Big Brother Boot Camp lately in the evening, Shane has been organizing some workout stations to shake up the monotony of working out in the house. I've done a few myself and they are pretty tuff. . . The tickle monster has resurfaced after what was thought to be the extinction of the species, its funny how moods change in a weeks time!

Mike, Dan and I, despite Dan originally trying to get me out, have formed a core alliance within the silent six (Dan, Danielle, Brittany, Shane, Boogie, and myself). I just hope I'm making a good decision and trusting the right people for now. This house can play mind games on you, and the people you trust the most one day might be the people you trust the least the next and vise versa. Ex-coach Boogs and I seem to have a pretty good thing going, I just hope its as concrete as he says, because we all know the Boogster can get one over on ya!

The house is definitely taking a tole on the house guests. Ashley has been dealing with the repercussions of being a have not a couple weeks ago (worse beds ever), and Boogie is suffering from a Lemonade ear infection thanks to the X-Squeeze me have/have-not competition. Not that we're complaining, its all part the game!

I would like to send a shout out to all of the friends and family of all the house guests, you are all loved and missed very much. Specifically I would like to say hello to my nana, my momma, my dad, and Gunnar, also to Jungle Juice Daniel and Zebra Cake Chris, Candace Bailey and Sarah Underwood, and all my other homies out there! David and Carm you better be keeping the house in good shape. For my boy Boogs, big love to Brady, keep it moving little guy!! I would also like to shout out to my homegirl Julie Chen, in case we don't get our one on one time Thursday (which would break my heart), your home skillet says hello and watch me go!!!

Frankie and Big Teddy
CGR (Clean Game Running)

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