Saturday, August 25, 2012

Frank's Fatal Flaw #BB14

In this game is going to be his disregard for Ian.  He is sitting in the HOH talking to Joe.  He says he is mad at Ian for voting Mike out, but he thinks Ian was bullied into it by the majority.

Joe:  Don't you think Ian is playing this game? I've seen some things from Ian lately that have shocked me....the Ian that won the POV ball yesterday was not the Ian I know.

Frank disagrees--he DOES NOT think Ian is playing the game like that.  Joe gets up and describes in great detail what happened between Ian and Dan during the event yesterday.

Joe repeats several times what Dan said to Ian about "ratting him out".  Joe says those words didn't go with the actions--didn't seem to fit the situation.  After Ian won Dan ran over and apologized for it afterwards.

Frank listens.  Then agrees that was a strange choice of words.  Frank tries to guess what Dan means.

Now Joe tells Frank that he walked up on Ian talking to Danielle and he stopped talking.  Joe asked him to continue, and Ian was telling Danielle what Mike was going to do about calling out Danielle being a nurse.  Joe said it sounded like Ian was telling game strategy, and that seemed wrong.

Frank is trying to fight this logic, and says Ian is a Wild Card.  I think he will listen, but will ultimately disregard his doubts about Ian and that will be his downfall. 

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