Thursday, August 16, 2012

Franks Asks for A Cigarette #BB14

He looks up at the crew on the roof and asks if any of them can drop a cigarette for him.

You know, if I were Frank, I would be pissed as hell at Mike.  He's putting Frank in jeopardy by not going for HOH.  He's all about the cash.

Dan keeps reminding everyone that Mike is trying to build Brady's college fund.  Getting in those little digs to try and protect himself.  Danielle just fell flat on her ass but laughed about it and said she is okay.

Frank tells Ashley to slow it down and she tells him she'd like to see him do it.  Jenn fell hard and Frank told her "You know Brooklyn always gets back up!"

Dan is getting more annoying to me every day. He is now telling everyone that they have to have goals, and that is why his next book is called "Punch it In".  He is giving football commentary.


  1. Yeah, I really don't see why anyone calls Dan "lovable." He's obnoxious and he needs to stop throwing HOHs.

  2. It works for him. I like Dan. But this is because I know I need to learn to be more ruthless and motivated, so his coaching shit is helpful to me.

  3. I'm sure Dan is a great coach for high school boys.

    I would like him more if he would own his lies like his idol the Evil Dr. Will.

    I think Dan may need to pray really hard this week. He may be up against Mike Boogie in those red chairs on Thursday.


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