Friday, August 24, 2012

Frank Takes Office #BB14

BB gave them the wake up call this morning, and everyone is anticipating nominations to happen soon.

I'm not so sure about that, but I do know that BB wants them to start worrying about it.  Of course.

Frank had to make some shoutouts,which BB interrupted, but it was funny to hear Frank give shout outs to Mike Boogie's people.  Like Kim Grant and Joe Vance.  (ha ha ha)

Frank was singing Pour Some Sugar on Me (Def Leppard) this morning under his breath.  He is wearing Mike's "Coach" cap.  He apologized to Nana and his mom for "all of the cussin'".

Ian is rocking outside, already a nervous wreck, and Shane is pretending to be in a good mood with his happy face on.

That orange cloth you see below was significant--I think the ants are back?  Because Shane and Frank were looking and talking about it.  No doubt there was plenty for the ants to snack on around there, since it is next to the blender and coffee station.

 Frank went up to the HOH where he made the shoutouts described above, and gave Ted a shout out for being back up in the HOH.  Ted is still sporting his Spiritard and there is an unfortunate hole in the bottom of the costume.  I think BB has told Frank to stop calling Ted Ted, since that "name is copyrighted".

 Jenn came upstairs and apologized for making such an early visit, since they both "have their sleepy pants on".  Am I missing something about Jenn's makeup?  Is some of that permanently applied to her face?  Did she sleep with it on?  Because damn that is some heavy shadow.

Frank tells her that she doesn't have to worry to day, and neither does Ian.  Dan is Frank's target, and he says he's not going to "pussyfoot around like some other HOH's" about his intentions for the week.  Jenn understands that is what Frank wants and says she will vote how he wishes.  (Let's face it, getting Dan out is good for everybody, even Danielle.)

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  1. You crack me up! You mention Jenn and mention her eyeshadow as seeming strange or heavy... when I look at Jenn the last thing I notice is how heavy her eyeshadow application is...HaHa! just joking, you do a great job here and your comment just stuck me as so funny....


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