Sunday, August 26, 2012

Frank Takes a Chum Dunk #BB14

Frank is awakened by BB for his next chum dunking, or whatever that crap is.  I heard Britney say that it was an avocado bath, but I've never seen avocados that color, have you?

Frank put on his Carrot Costume and went downstairs, only to disrobe in the back yard to prepare for his dunking.

Frank:  It's cold as shit out here. (looks at us)  Ya'll need to know the worst part of this is how cold this shit's freezing.

The avocado chum is icy, I guess.   He put his hair up so it wouldn't get messy, and then dumped a full bucket of the chum over his face.   Is that it?  Really?

Then he takes a cold outdoor shower and gets in the hot tub.

Frank leaves a Trail O'Chum in the backyard.

Then he dries off and puts back on that wretched costume.  I hope BB get some alternates, because Frank is going to be one dirty carrot before this week is over.

He begs BB to "give him another hour at least, because he's freezin'".  He mutters to himself the whole way upstairs.  I'm sure the sleep deprivation is wearing on Frank.  He got in the HOH shower to warm up again.

Meanwhile Dan's Solitary Dance Party rages on in the Have Not room.  Who do you think is in a shittier mood right now...Frank or Dan?


From the FeedWatcher Archives, please enjoy this memory from BB12, when Brendon won the POV to save himself with several punishments.  He had to shave his head, dip in a chum bath every hour for 24 hours, and be shackled to Britney Haynes at the same time.  Punishment, indeed.

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