Thursday, August 23, 2012

Frank Sporting Undies This Morning #BB14

Usually, the male house guests put on shorts or something before they start moving around for the day, but not Frank.  I guess he knows that none of the ladies are out of bed at this point.

It's just us, Frank.  No worries.

Frank uses the WC and chats with Mike about how long Mike has been up.  I think Frank is going back to bed since he was up so late.  He weighed himself on the bathroom scale after peeing but does not comment on the results.

This is Frank standing on the scale.

The resemblance to his father is uncanny sometimes.  I just saw Frank in the dark bedroom, putting on shorts and a T-shirt, but I lost sight of him.  Maybe he did go back to bed, but with more clothes on.

Oh, BTW Danielle is in bed with Shane in the HOH Room.  But we all know there is no hanky panky going on in there.

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