Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Frank Makes a Sandwich #BB14

While Joe's pot of slop simmers on the stove, Frank has built himself a big sandwich with turkey, ham and roast beef.  Joe complimented him on it, and said he should put some avocado on it.  Frank decided to add some tomato first.

He cut some tomato slices and cut out the center part of the slice and threw it away.  Now he's adding the avocado.  Frank puts away each component of the sandwich as he goes, carefully closing the ziploc bag of swiss cheese slices and putting them back in the fridge.

I would feel better if Frank used a hair net, to be honest.


He adds seasoning, too.  Then the mayo and some mustard.  There was an issue when he opened the mustard and it squirted up in the air and on the counter.  Joe joked that that was "a little premature". Frank wishes he had some creamy horseradish sauce for the sandwich. 

(I'm surprised that he didn't get called to the DR immediately to pick up his bottle of sauce.)

Joe watches him intently, and is probably salivating.

Joe:  A man who can build a sandwich like that, with such care, is a man that should have used the veto.

(ha ha ha)

I have said here a number of times that Frank LOVES to talk about food.  Dan has noticed that too, and says that Frank is a foodie, since he has such solid and informed opinions about his likes and dislikes.  Mike says that maybe there is a way to use Frank's name after the show is over, like Eudy's Foodies, or something like that.

They keep getting warned by Production and Joe says, "we're not doing anything!".  Then he said "The Tuesday crew's gotta go!"


Frank gave Ashley a bite of the sandwich and she said it was so delicious.  I think she oohed and aahed a little too much, with three of the Have Nots right there in the room watching.  And salivating.

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