Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Frank: Hey Nana! I'm Tweetin' Again! #BB14

Frank has tweeted again, and this time his tweets got posted on the same day he wrote them.  I heard him talk about it this afternoon--usually BB doesn't post them for a day or so.

I like Frank's tweets, because they sound like him--I can kind of hear him saying them in his country voice.  Note that he calls his friends "Juice" and "Cake"  now.  He can't call them Jungle Juice Daniel and Zebra Cake Chris anymore.  Maybe Little Debbie got mad.   You know, because of the Zebra Cakes.

Wait a minute. Let's take a closer look at Little Debbie.  She looks a little like someone we know, right?


1 comment :

  1. Maybe Little Debbie got mad!!! Hands down best line of the summer....LOL


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