Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Frank Got Drunk Last Night #BB14

and confesses that he is sorry he ate all of the slop cookies last night.  They were just so good, and he kept eating them.

Frank:  From now on, I want to have slop cookies at the bar.

Jenn:  If I had a beer...and one of those cookies...man....

Joe promises to make some more for her today, and lets us all know he will include the recipe in his upcoming E-Cookbook.  Frank thinks we can buy slop online, and Jenn is pretty sure she can find some.

I heard Jenn say last night that she won't be allowed to eat the America's Choice slop additions---she's stuck with eating the regular slop diet for the duration.   I also heard her say that she never weighs herself, but she can tell her clothes are looser now.

They say Shane hasn't worked out in about a week, which is unusual for him.  They only had two wake up songs this morning.  The songs must not have been very peppy, because the beds are still full of sleepers.

Jenn gives a shout out to "Amazing A" and says she's thinking about her or him.  Then Joe spews forth a litany of shout outs to his cooking connections, and then his family. 

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