Monday, August 6, 2012

Frank and Mike Discuss the BB14 Girls #BB14

When Ashley puts the "effort in, she looks allright".  They say the day of the POV when she had on a little plaid shirt, she looked pretty cute.

Frank noticed too.  They both "joke" that it might be a good idea for Frank to "get a little closer to her".

Mike says when they first got in the house, he was looking around at all of the girls and thought it looked like a good group at first.  He said Kara didn't have much personality, but maybe that was her game strategy, to lay low.

And then he mentions "JoJo and her crazy ass shit".  He said when he first saw Danielle he thought her southern girl persona was kind of cute, but then "eeewww".

Mike says that the other girls are married.  He jokes he might get knocked out at the wrap party by somebody's husband or dad.

They discuss Shane.  Frank thinks he really is a nice guy, but that doesn't mean he won't evict him.  Mike says he talked with Shane about giving an entertainment career a try.

Mike:  I told him he should come out and give it a try...he can stay on my couch for a few weeks and see what's up.

(I heard that conversation, and Shane offered to babysit for Brady.  Mike also talked about how much Shane would make waiting tables, bartending,etc, and said there is no stigma in LA for waiting tables in your 30's because it is so common out there for people "chasing their dreams".  Shane asked if good looking girls came into Geisha House and Mike snickered and said no problems there.)

Mike:  I was kind of sincere about it, but from a game perspective I'm going to keep playing that angle.

Frank mentions Shane wanted to visit him in Naples and Mike laughs.

Mike says even the people drinking HatorAde would have to be impressed with what Mike and Frank have managed to pull off this week.  He says he has seen everybody's playbook and knows what's up.

(Agreed, but they should wait until it actually happens to start crowing about it.)

Upstairs Danielle and Wil are bashing Janelle.  Wil says Ashley would nominate Janelle in a heart beat.  Danielle says Janelle stares at her and makes her uncomfortable.

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