Thursday, August 23, 2012

Frank and Mike Convene in the Arcade #BB14

Frank did reappear and the two of them went in the Arcade to chat.  Frank said that he stayed up long enough to say Happy Birthday to Britney and then he went to bed.

Frank says it is hard for him to give up hope at this point---Joe approached him last night and said that he might switch his vote to keep Mike at the last minute.

Mike:  I know...I'm really focusing on my speech tonight--I'm going to address Joe and his family in Kentucky....

(Even if Joe switches his vote, it won't save Mike unless Ian does too.  Which won't happen...)

Frank is going to let Joe have it if Mike leaves.

Mike:  If that happens, can you wait to do it until after the applause dies down?  So I can watch it on the monitor?

(ha ha ha)

Frank:  Yeah, I'll say Levi, don't bother with mowin' the lawn, your dad's a piece of shit!

 They laugh.

Mike wonders if Joe was serious about changing his vote 10 minutes before.  Frank thinks he was.  Mike says Joe doesn't need to "tell him shit beforehand", he can just vote that way.  Mike wants Frank to remind Joe that Mike told him several times last week when Joe was on the block not to worry, that he wasn't the target.

Mike:  You tell him we did right by him last week....

(Mike also mentioned he "had Danielle and the 455 stuff".. I think he is referring to his speech topics, but I guess we'll figure out what he meant tonight, live on CBS...)


  1. Boogie thinks Danielle is an idiot and at 4:55 plans to tell her that he has a special power related to the question mark box, and that he knows all about her being a nurse.

    He basically wants to threaten her into voting for him.

  2. Thanks, other anonymous person! That's actually pretty clever. I don't like Boogie but if that tactic works it would be pretty funny!


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