Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fish for Breakfast #BB14

Mike Boogie took the left over cod and is heating it up.  He is also making scrambled egg whites.  The black cod that BB house got yesterday is of superior quality and he knows it. 

I was tempted to say that he should leave that cod for the Have Nots, but Danielle won't eat it, and I think Britney will only eat fried fish.

I think Joe is cooking down a banana candy stick in water and reducing it to make banana bread out of the slop.

Mike doesn't serve lunch at Geisha House.  Joe says that is smart since it is hard to make money on $8 a plate.  The restaurant closes on a variable time--usually by 12:30 am or so.  Mike hates it when he hears from a customer that they stopped by at 11:30 and it was too late to order.

Mike:  Then I know my manager wanted to go out drinking.

Joe describes a time when he drove by his restaurant and the lights were off a full hour earlier than they should have been.  Joe stopped the car and went inside and fired the guy.

Mike:  My favorite line is, now you have all of the time to do what ever you want.

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