Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Finally....Jenn Starts Playing the Game #BB14

Jenn has been bonding with Ashley, and she just quietly approached her with a Girl Power Alliance.  They shook on it and Jenn kept saying "for real"..."this is for real".

Jenn:  What about Danielle?

Ashley:  Danielle? Oh, she's all about Girl Power!

Jenn:  Cool.

(Danielle is probably all about Girl Power if it's okay with Dan. )

Jenn plans to hang on for dear life tomorrow if it is an endurance contest.  And she's not drinking tonight, if drinks are served.  Ashley says that too, but who knows.

Jenn:  Can you believe we are part of a multi-million dollar TV production?  CBS is making cash money!

Ashley:  Yeah, I love Big Brother!  Were you a big fan?

Jenn:  No, not the biggest fan, to be honest.

Jenn says she has a friend and she gives him a shout out.  I would repeat it here but it was a long string of numbers and I couldn't handle it.  That friend is a huge BB fan and could probably rival Ian in the knowledge department.

Ashley asks how she got on the show, then.

Jenn:  Facebook.  Yep, Facebook.

She says she gave a birthday greeting to a "great old friend" and the BB casting director saw her picture, clicked on it and saw all of the music connections, Jenn's pictures, and was intrigued.  They communicated through FB and on Skype, and everything came together in about two weeks.

Do you think that was Robyn?  Or someone else?

FYI when the feeds are like they are above, with two pictures of the same camera shot, supposedly that means someone is in the Diary Room.  I guess some of the camera crew moves over to work on that.

I feel I must mention Frank's snack he just made.  You can see it in the picture below.  It is a toasted English muffin, with peanut butter and honey, topped with crumbled bacon.  He enjoyed it with a glass of milk.

Frank is one of the calmest, most relaxed Big Brother nominees I've ever seen.  You would never know he is probably going to be out of the house tomorrow night.  Even if he thinks he might squeak out a win over Joe, he's still pretty calm about it.

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