Sunday, August 19, 2012

Father Dan Feels Remorse #BB14

Dan is cooking and telling Danielle he feels badly about what he said to Frank earlier in the kitchen.

He wishes he hadn't responded the way he did.

I saw that exchange, and basically Frank was alone with Dan in the kitchen, and said he wanted to ask him a question---from a game perspective, do you think you made your move a bit too early?

Dan said there have been a lot of assumptions made, but he likes Frank as a person.

Frank said, Yes, it was a bit premature, but it is going to be hard for Dan to get votes with Frank on the Jury.

Dan said, "Likewise" and the word hung in the air for a few minutes.  When Frank walked back through the kitchen he said to Dan, "thanks for that" and then Frank mentioned the good old days when Dan would chill in the HOH and listen to Frank's CD.

So now Dan feels badly about that, and thinks he have reacted better.  Danielle tells him not to beat himself up.

Boo Hoo.  Dan is so freakin' holy.  Sorry.  I'm not a Dan fan and never have been.  I would like him better if he owned his lies in the DR, at the very least.


  1. What lies....Dan was not responsible he just went along with the QP. Shane put them up and he's blaming others. Shane is turning out to be a real schemer as well as Ian. If you counted all the lies in the game Frank, Boogie, Ian, Joe etc..would all come before Dan. Its better to say you don't like Dan out right than relating it to him being a liar...

    1. Dan lied to Janelle. Multiple times.

  2. That's Rich - Saying anyone lied to Janelle!LOL


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