Thursday, August 2, 2012

Everyobody Looks Strong #BB14

although Mike is making jump off noises.  Jenn is moving around like she's in pain.  Ashley has grace, and is looking around like she's at a party. Ian has little expression, and appears well dressed for the occasion in a yellow cat suit.

Mike just joked about going to Geisha House with Ashley, then said he was thinking about "Willie-ing" himself out of there tonight.

I sure hope not.  I'd hate to see that.

No one is coming back into the game now---I guess Kara and JoJo were sent home.  This was part of the new "Reset".  If the Coaches don't come back in, evicted players would be coming back in the house.

Wil is cracking jokes. 

Frank says "Preesh" very loudly and they laughed.  He dodged a big bullet tonight for sure, but I don't think he knows that yet.

The tall guys hurt in this one..Britney said that after about 90 minutes, they will turn the side of the ship nearly horizontal to speed some things up.

She's been here before.

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