Monday, August 27, 2012

Evel Dick Tweets #BB14

For someone who swore they were finished with Big Brother after this season, he sure has a lot to say.  But first, a brief summary of recent events:

Apparently Father Dan Gheesling has something cooking with Frank now, and Jenn may have agreed to use her POV to save Danielle, so Frank can put up Britney.  Basically Dan has confessed the entire Quack Pack situation to Frank, so Frank knows what a rat Ian was, and Dan knows Britney also ratted him out.

I think Danielle is on board with this plan, too, in order to save Dan.  The Wild Card here is Ian's Golden POV.  We really don't know the rules around that (which Evel Dick alludes to below) so if Ian can use his Golden POV after Jenn's standard POV, then he might save Britney.  Then who would Frank put up?  I think Dan could stay then, with the Quack Pack votes, sending Joe or Jenn home.  I'm not sure Frank is smart enough to nominate Shane, but that would be a good choice.

Anyway, after Dan's fake health scare yesterday, Dick's tweets ran the gamut from disbelief, to grim acceptance, with his usual hatred for the current Big Brother system sprinkled over everything.

The order of these tweets is all over the place, but there are too many of them for me to mess with today.  I'm sure you can get the picture here...



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  1. I watched it all happen last night. I stayed up all night watching (hey, I'm retired!) I didn't bother to read Evil Dick's tweets, maybe later.)

    Ian said all along that his Golden Veto will be used first. Question is was he honest about it. He also told the houseguests that the DR didn't want him to use it. So who knows.

    Jenn City's veto isn't to take Dani off, but to remove Dan and put Britany as his replacement.

    They figure Dani would be safer on the block than Dan would be if Jenn saved Dani instead of Daan.

    Frank, Dan, & Jenn figure they would have Jenn's and Dan's vote, and hope to get Joe's or even Shane's vote to keep Dani over Brit.

    Joe's always about drawing lines in the sand, this would be a huge drawn line - it just might appeal to him.

    If Ian's Golden Veto is used second, then he'll take Brit down & I'm not too sure who Frank would put up. I haven't heard them consider that aspect. They like Shane.

    I can't remember when I heard this, but I do know that Shane mentioned some apprehension regarding Brit. Maybe that will work in Franks & Dan's favor. Who knows?

    Feeds were BB gold last night, & today will be awesome.


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