Thursday, August 16, 2012

Does Anybody Know Wil's Real Job? #BB14

I think Frank asked that, but I'm not sure. Maybe Dan.

Danielle:  I do.  He told me!

Shane:  Doesn't he work for his family's business? 

Frank:  He said he did the payroll for his family's business.

Britney:  He told me this morning.  I don't think it was any big secret.  Danielle, were you the one in the bathroom with me?

Dan:  They're both surgeons.  Maybe he's a surgeon!

TRIVIA.  When we come back, no one's talking about it.  They must not have announced the job because they would still be talking about it, right?

Mike is running fast back and forth and Mike has just a few more trips to fill it.  Frank calls out that Mike's muscles are glistening and he yells that he's representing Concord.

Britney tells him he can stick his hand in to get the ball--he doesn't have to wait for it to float.  Mike tries to showboat and falls on the last lap. Ian yells that it is Fat Stax all over again.

Mike thinks about that and decides not to cut corners.  He wants to be safe and not get shunned like in Fat Stax. 

Frank yells:  Hey Mike!  Money in the bank, Mike what 'chu drank?

A bell rings and we get trivia for a second and then see Mike winning, then stretching.

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  1. Mike was shamed by his show boating in Stax, not shunned.


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