Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Digging Some of the Dirt #BB14

There is a lot of dirt to dish out there on the internet about the house guests right now.   I think we can all agree that Danielle is not going to win America's Choice, and there is a lot of information coming out from her former sorority sisters that aren't exactly starting a fan club for her.

I've seen that stuff and although I read it with great interest, I chose not to post it here.  I think I'm giving Danielle enough grief based on the things I've heard and seen with my own eyes and ears.

But there is a new drama that has cropped up this week.  Some might say there has been an outbreak of rumors.

I have heard it mentioned on the live feeds and Big Brother After Dark that one of the women in the house is taking a certain medication that begins with a V and ends with an X that is commonly taken by people with a communicable STD.  I didn't report that at the time because the BB cameras changed quickly and I didn't feel like I had enough information to talk about it.  And people's medical information is sensitive.

But apparently a certain female house guest who was recently evicted made a statement somewhere alluding to the identification of the owner of those pills.  I didn't hear it said myself, but I saw a published article today that discusses what was said.   And then a tweet appeared from Britney's account---the first tweet since early July, I think.

Hmmm.  Interesting.  I think "lawsuit" is one word, however.  Unless the tweeter means buying a new garment from say, Brooks Brothers. 

Didn't Britney make statements about Rachel having STDs?  And weren't they broadcast on TV?  Hmmm.  Even more interesting.

On a more positive note, I saw this posted on Britney's twitter from earlier in the year.  Cute picture.


  1. Where are you guys getting all this good dirt?

  2. I usually stop by the Jokers Updates News & Rumors board---that is where I find links to the articles and info.

    You can find the dirt there SJ!

    1. Thanks! I tried Google-ing but I never find the juicy stuff.


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