Thursday, August 2, 2012

Did Dan Just Make a Move? #BB14

Dan approached Joe in the storage room and basically said that he and Joe haven't spoken about the game in a long, long time.

Dan:  I just want to be sure before we give you our vote (Danielle's vote) that I have your support if the coaches are dropped in the game. 

He wanted to know if he could trust Joe, and Joe assured him that he is solid.

Afterwards Joe went immediately to find Janelle to tell her this, and ran into Britney, who told him Janelle was laying down in Skid Row.  Joe told Britney what Dan said, then went to find Janelle and told her the same thing.  Janelle told him to behave himself and not mess things up.

(That is Joe's blue shirt with the white lettering in the pictures below.)

(Joe needs to keep his mouth shut. )

Ha ha now Britney asks Danielle what is going on with Dan.  She thinks Dan is up to something shady.

Danielle goes to Dan in the storage room and says she heard he made a Final Two deal with Joe.  (No, he did not!)  Now Britney came in and they are discussing Joe.  Dan thinks Joe is nuts and Britney says they all need to trust each other.

Now Dan is saying that he did that to see if he could trust Joe.  Britney said that Joe didn't tell her he had a Final Two with Joe, but now Dan says he didn't say that.  (I think Danielle is the one who said that.)

Did Joe just eff up his whole situation?

Now Dan is saying he can't trust Janelle, because he has heard things he told Janelle circled back through the house.  (I hope in all of the Mike vs. Janelle drama that is about to happen, people don't forget about the power of Dan...)

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