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Dick at Nite Show - Featuring Dr. Will Kirby - Part 1 - 8-25-12 #BB14

This Very Special Episode of Dick at Nite is a two-parter with the Evil Dr. Will Kirby.  Dr. Will doesn't do many Big Brother related interviews so this is kind of a rarity, I guess.

Dick starts out alone onscreen, and energetically repeats several times that Dr. Will had a great time on the show.  OK Dick.  We believe you.

1.  The show begins with Dick saying he is a fan of Big Brother because of Dr. Will's appearance on Season #2.  Will says there have been a lot of good players over the years, but he did "put in a lot of effort" so he appreciates that.

Dick has to repeat AGAIN how many years he was a finalist to get on BB.  (I hate to tell Dick, but that isn't going to make Will think you're cool---not at all. )  Dick also brags about knowing the people who run casting and the show for "like 10 years now".  Dick brings up the auditions, where everybody says they're "going to be the next Dr. Will or Evil Dick".  Dick wants to know if that makes him feel good.

2.  Will is very good friends with Robyn Kass now---she is a good friend of Will's wife and comes to his house "all of the time".  He says if you ask her now, she will tell you that they had a hard time deciding to cast him on the show.  They thought he was a nice guy, an attractive doctor, but he kept telling them that he wanted to be the villain and the casting department struggled with that.

Will says he "owned his niche" and then mentions the "ditzy blonde on the show".  He can't remember her name (Jordan) but says she "owned her niche" and went in there and won it.  He recommends that applicants state their persona they will portray, and go in there and own it, rather than saying you will be like Dr. Will or Evil Dick.  (Because that's been done before.)

3.  Will adds that if you try to play a role, you won't be able to do it for three are better off being yourself.  Dick mentions BB5 Scott Long as someone who played a role, for some reason.  Then Dick starts rambling about surfing links on YouTube and "somehow" watching one of Will's BB2 DR sessions, where he said he was one of the biggest liars in California.

Dick says we all miss players who will own up to their lies in the DR.  Will says that he really doesn't watch the show anymore, and not that he's too good for it, but he has a lot going on and he's 40 now.  But he says that the show has been so diluted by things like the POV.  The original game used to be so exciting, but now they have so many different things going on that he feels like the show is dumb now.  Dr. Will feels "dumber for watching it".  He mentions turning on the TV and catching an episode about "the mole in the house, who was evicted the first week" (Annie from BB12) so he just turned off the TV.

Will says that the people who follow the show online are a small part of the audience---most people just watch the CBS show so the DR sessions are key to the story.  Dick says it is all about casting, and points out that Dr. Will had Hardy to deal with as a rival.

Will points out that he had Hardy and Nicole, both of whom were just beasts and were amazing competitors.  He says they could do an All Stars show today with Hardy and Nicole and they would CRUSH people, even today.  When he went into BB7 he thought he would be evicted first, but then he saw that the people were so weak!

Will:  I thought it was going to be a terrible TV show, and it was...

4.  Dick says that BB7 was the last season that he really enjoyed.  He liked how Chilltown would just go after all of the prizes and say fuck it.  He points out that the All Stars cast included Chicken George and Howie, and they sucked!  Dr. Will laughs.

Will:  I genuinely liked Kaysar and Howie and Chicken George and James, so it was harder to play against them.  But I genuinely hated Hardy and Nicole, so I had motivation to play better against them.

Dick likes that point, and says he found new reasons to hate people in BB8 as he went along.  Will says if a sports team plays a crappy team, they are lazy when they play.  Having a tough competitor will raise the level of  competition for everybody.

Dick brings up how everyone still talks about Shannon using Hardy's toothbrush to clean the toilet and Will laughs.   Will says that he needed Mike Boogie on BB7, and Mike wanted to redeem himself, but he was hoping to see tougher players in the game, rather than people with more fans.  Will watched BB3 the most, and expected to see more people from that season and was disappointed.

5.  Dick brought up Janelle, and how she was so good in competitions, and says that Will used her strategy to move forward.  Will said he "worked so hard to get her to trust him" but she "kicked him off at the Final 4".    Will never expected to make it that far in the game, and enjoyed Season 2 much more, including "everything after the season".  He wasn't happy to be there in BB7, but it was an interesting life experience.

Dick brings up how you could see on the show how Howie was grating on his nerves and it got worse as the season progressed.  Will laughs and says that, other than Mike Howie is really the only person that he keeps in touch with now.  He speaks to Danielle Reyes now and then, too.

6.  Will says that the BB6 people really weren't ready to compete yet, and would probably do much better if they played now, with some years of rest under their belts.  Dick says that it was literally years before he could leave the house without someone talking to him about BB, and his life could become somewhat normal again.

Will doesn't want to burst Dick's balloon, but back in the BB2 days of 2001 the only reality shows were Survivor and Big Brother.

Will:  Now this was a long time ago, but Gervais from Survivor and I got $20,000 cash, and were flown to Vegas and were given $20,000 in chips to gamble with.

They had limos, and hotels, and Will thought those days would never end.  Will could hear the crash, when all of that treatment for reality contestants came to a halt.  Will mentions the Jersey Shore kids stealing all of the limelight today.

7.  Dick says certain reality star people will always be known for those shows, like Dr. Will and Richard Hatch.  But now, you forget some people who were voted out before the show even ends.

Dr. Will has notes (!) and wants to chat with Evil Dick about how Danielle Reyes got robbed in BB3 because the jury was sexist, not necessarily racist, and was embarrassed to be beat by her.  To this day it angers Will and Dick says it was her DRs that made everyone looked stupid.   Dick says it was too  personal and it had nothing to do with her gameplay.

Dr Will:  She is someone who deserves to get asked back to more All Star seasons...she needs a third shot.

Dick brings up Britney being on BB14, and how the only person "played harder than her was Erika" and Dr. Will nods.  Dick described what happened to Britney in BB12 and Will points out that those guys "weren't exactly in Mensa, they were kind of goofy".    Dick says that a few of the people this year didn't seem to know who Dr. Will is.  Will says that he doesn't think that everybody should know who he is, but if they are going on a reality show they should do their research and learn about it.

8.  Dick learned several things from studying Will's game.  One was a DR statement saying that it's okay to take it easy and skate for a week if you can.  Also how Dr. Will learned in BB7 that he needed to be the "last person in Janelle's ear" before the live show.  Will says there is a tremendous amount of down time on the show, and that you have to be there and plant the seed sometimes at the very last minute.

The show cuts off abruptly as Part 1 comes to a close.  I will cover Part 2 as soon as I can after it is released.

I must add that I watched Dr. Will on QVC last night.  His appearance was the last one on some sort of Best of Beauty show.  They only let him discuss one product, and I think his screen time was only about 5 minutes.   I was hoping I could hear some Crazy Cat Ladies call in to talk with him, but they didn't take any calls during his short segment.

Dr. Will certainly looked handsome and did his job well, but his forehead doesn't move at all.  Not at all.  A little too much Botox, Will.  But maybe it is his product that results in such smooth and clear skin. 

You can read my recap of Part 2 of the interview here.

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